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Winter check special offer!!


Keeping on top of your car's maintenance isn't always the number one priority, especially if you've got a lot of things on your plate or you're not confident in what you're doing. That is where we come in, once again we will be running our winter check special offer as the majority of you normally have a check and people have started to ask when they start. With it being a busy and dangerous time on the roads the last thing anyone wants is to break down on the side of the road in the dark or to be unprepared for a long trip to relatives over Christmas and New Year.

Why not be safe and ensure peace of mind by taking up our superb winter check offer!!



>Check oil levels and top up

>Check wipers/screenwash strength and top up

>Check anti-freeze and report

>Check tyre pressures and tread/condtion

>Check operation of all lights

>Carry out roadtest to identify any noises/and check general running of vehicle

>Check battery operation

All this for only £29.95 + VAT

To take advantage of this offer and prepare your vehicle properly to ensure it is safe for the winter, please call the Boyslade team on 01455 615210 any time to book it in.

* Please note this is not a 'service' as the oil is not changed, only topped up as and when required, it is important that you still keep upto date with your annual service.

Regards and safe winter from everyone at Boyslade Garage.

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