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When is your MOT and Tax due? Find out here....

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) test is conducted annually in Great Britain. The test is aimed at vehicles that have been in use for more than three years on roads as defined by 1988’s Road Traffic Act.

In order to check for MOT dates and other information related to your vehicle such as when the tax runs out, you can now head online and check for yourself via desktop computer or mobile all you have to do is visit for all the information you need on your vehicle.

Nowadays, vehicle information in the UK is not provided in the form of paperwork as much as it once was, and this method is very convenient for vehicle owners. Whenever they need to view the vehicle licence and/or other details, they can just use the internet. Please save this webpage to your favourites so you can easily check the dates for all of the vehicles in your household.

To book an MOT test just give us a call on 01455 615210 and speak to one of the team.


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